Hip Fracture and Dislocations

At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we treat all types of hip injuries, including those that involve fracture or dislocation. Our double board certified surgeons are experienced sports medicine physicians who are recognized by their peers as experts in their field. We are known for our expertise in using minimally invasive treatments, such as hip arthroscopy, to repair hip injuries and conditions.

The hip joint absorbs tremendous force in the body during high impact activities. Overuse of these activities, such as repeated running, can result in stress fracture of the hip. However, a trauma or fall can result in hip fracture and/or hip dislocation. While a stress fracture of the hip may produce groin or hip pain during activity, a dislocated hip will result in severe pain and immobility. Hip dislocations need immediate medical attention to manipulate the thighbone and pelvis back into place. Hip fractures are also critical to diagnose and treat quickly so that severe hip joint damage is avoided, even in young athletes.

Minimally Invasive Treatment for Hip Fractures and Dislocations

A traumatic hip dislocation can often involve fractures of surrounding bones. Our practice is equipped to restore your hip joint after dislocation and repair other related injuries, including posterior wall acetabular fracture-dislocation. While a reduction procedure can immediately repair most hip dislocations, surgery may be needed to treat more severe hip fractures. You can trust that our orthopedic surgeons will recommend the most conservative treatment options that can effectively restore your hip joint. Our Atlanta practice is comprised of top-ranked physicians who place high importance on providing both immediate pain relief and restored long-term function to your joint after injury. Surgical techniques are typically used after non-surgical measures have failed.

Whether you are a runner suffering from a minor stress fracture or your hip was severely dislocated in a recent car accident, we treat all hip injuries on a personalized basis. Depending on the severity of your injury and your recovery goals, our physicians will use the latest, most innovative methods in sports medicine to restore your hip health. Contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians to explore your treatment options for hip fracture or hip dislocation.

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