Knee Dislocations

Knee Dislocations

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians offers proven treatment options for knee dislocations in Atlanta. Our sports medicine specialists carry extensive experience in knee injuries and they can ensure you achieve the most successful outcome after your knee dislocation.

When the bones of the lower leg (the tibia and fibula) are moved out of place in relation to the thighbone (femur), a dislocated knee results. Although it is a less common injury, knee dislocations can occur after major trauma. Whether your knee dislocated during a fall or a high-speed injury, our sports medicine and orthopedic team is equipped to relieve your pain and restore any damaged structures in your joint.

Treatment for Dislocated Knee

It is critical that you seek treatment for a dislocated knee as quickly as possible, as inappropriate or delayed treatment may result in loss of the leg. After your knee is relocated during a reduction procedure, your knee will need to be examined for further injury. For a knee dislocation to occur, the stabilizing ligaments of the knee must tear. Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians treats partial dislocations as well as more complex knee dislocations that may involve the kneecap and ligament injury.

You can trust our experienced surgeons to reconstruct the knee and repair any cartilage damage, ligament damage or bone fracture that may have occurred. Whenever possible, we use minimally invasive or arthroscopic techniques to allow faster recovery time and less scarring for the patient. Whether you are a disciplined athlete or you simply exercise to stay healthy, our goal is to help each patient regain full knee function and comfortable mobility after a dislocation injury.

Contact our office today to learn more about your treatment options for knee dislocations. We are an advanced orthopedic practice who understands the complex function of the joints as well as how they can be restored best. Treating your dislocated knee will involve committed efforts to relieve your painful symptoms as well as preserve your long-term joint health.

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