Instability Repair

Ankle Instability Repair

If you suffer from repeated ankle sprains or ankle instability, turn to the experts at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians in Atlanta. We have a highly trained staff including reputable sports medicine specialists who can provide long-term stabilization for ankle injuries. We understand the disruption and discomfort that ankle instability can bring, both to young athletes and active older adults. You can trust that we will implement the most conservative treatment plan that will successfully restore ankle stability and help you prevent future ankle sprains.

Patients with chronic ankle instability experience frequent “giving way” of their outer ankle. This condition can develop after multiple ankle sprains or other low-grade repetitive injuries. Symptoms appear as a persistent discomfort or tenderness in the ankle as well as a feeling of unsteadiness on uneven surfaces or when descending stairs. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we help athletes regain full strength in their ankle joint so that they can return to a high level of performance without risk of further ligament damage.

Causes Of Ankle Instability

During your initial exam, we will carefully evaluate your symptoms and determine the cause of your ankle instability. Ankle instability often develops after an ankle sprain that has not adequately healed or was not fully rehabilitated. Repeated ankle sprains can both cause and perpetuate chronic ankle instability. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we realize the importance of strengthening the ligaments and retraining the surrounding tissues to restore proper balance to the ankle joint. Less often, ankle instability is caused by an underlying structural problem in the foot.

Treatment for Chronic Ankle Instability

Avoiding treatment for chronic ankle instability can lead to continued instability, restricted activity, arthritis, and tendon problems. We recommend treatment for chronic ankle instability based on the severity of your symptoms as well as your level of activity. Non-surgical treatment options include orthotics, braces and physical therapy. However, surgical treatment may be necessary to properly stabilize the joint and repair any associated ligament damage. Our surgeons are equipped to perform both arthroscopy and ankle stabilization procedures when needed. Arthroscopic techniques allow patients to take advantage of smaller incisions, less scarring and faster recovery time.

If your ankle feels wobbly or unstable and frequently gives way, contact us today to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthopedic specialist at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians.

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