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A Few Interesting Facts about Neck Injuries Atlanta, GA

A Few Interesting Facts about Neck Injuries

woman with neck pain

One of the most common injuries to the neck is whiplash. Less common are cervical injuries which involve the one or more of the seven vertebra protecting the spinal cord in the neck area. Both types of injuries are usually caused by vehicle accidents, sports injuries or falls. Here are a few more interesting facts…

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The Wrist Factor

Wrist Pain Atlanta GA

There is an old saying, “You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry.” Likewise, you never realize how much you do with both of your hands until one is out of commission. An injury to your wrist can put you on the sidelines of many things, not just your favorite sports. Common Injuries…

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Could It Be a Baker’s Cyst?

Knee Pain Atlanta GA

That lump in the hollow of the back of your knee may be a Baker’s cyst. This type of fluid-filled cyst was first described by William Morrant Baker who was a 19th century surgeon, hence the name Baker’s cyst. It is also known as a popliteal cyst. These cysts can develop when the knee is…

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Ankle Angst

ankle pain

Chronic ankle instability can make you hyper-aware of your vulnerability to falling. When the outside of the ankle has a recurring feeling like it is going to “give out” when you put weight on it, you may have this condition. Ankle instability is most often felt when walking on uneven surfaces, walking in high heels,…

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The Importance of Spinal Health

spine pain

Many of our regular practices have gone by the wayside during these unprecedented times. These changes can have a big impact on health and well-being. Taking care of yourself, including your spine, is essential. The stress and strain of today’s current events can take a toll physically, mentally and emotionally; and since all three are…

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3 Tips to Prevent an Ankle Injury

ankle pain

Ankle injuries are a common problem in many sports. These injuries can keep you from competing for weeks and may develop into more serious long-term conditions. There are things you can do to avoid injury from happening. Here are three tips to prevent an ankle injury. Choose the Right Footwear To prevent an ankle injury,…

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3 Tips for a Healthy Rotator Cuff

shoulder pain

Baseball athletes can be prone to shoulder injuries because of the nature of the game. The rotator cuff can take the biggest hit for athletes who use their shoulders aggressively during play. Injuring this area can limit shoulder function and cause pain. There are things you can do to strengthen the rotator cuff and prevent…

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3 Tips to Sleep Better with Tennis Elbow


If you have constant pain on the outside of your elbow, you may be suffering from tennis elbow. Tennis elbow can affect anyone who performs repetitive tasks using the arm, hand and wrist. Pain from this condition can keep you awake at night and affect your quality of life. Here are three tips to help…

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When Your Home Workout Leaves You Injured

woman at the gym

With the closing of gyms, many people have opted to work out at home. As these venues begin to open again, there will still be people who will avoid them for a while longer. Working out at home is convenient and will help you stay in shape. The only drawback is if you get injured…

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Could It Be a Herniated Disc?

spinal pain

Back pain affects millions of Americans every day. From annoying discomfort to debilitating pain, back problems are one of this country’s most common illnesses. Proper diagnosis of the issue is important in order to identify the most effective treatment. A herniated disc may be your problem. But what is that and what causes it? Disc…

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