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Back Surgery Failed? How to Get Relief Atlanta, GA

Back Surgery Failed? How to Get Relief

Surgery Center

If you’ve had back surgery and the pain continues, is it possible to get relief? Unfortunately, you may feel you’ve tried everything, and your failed back surgery is the end of the line. Fortunately, there is an option to repair the problems from your failed back surgery and get you back into the game of…

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Spinal Cord Injuries Require the Very Best in Medicine

Spinal cord injuries can be some of the most severe, yet survivable, injuries we can face. Unfortunately, depending on the level and location of the injury, a person can need medical care for the rest of their lives or even be bedridden and dependent on machines. However, treatments are available for many spinal cord injuries,…

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Let’s Talk About Ankle Injuries and Repairs

Ankle Pain

Ankle injuries are common in our busy, active world. From sports injuries to tripping and falling, nearly all of us have twisted an ankle at some time. However, when a bit of ice and elevation doesn’t take care of the problem in a few days, things could be more serious and need medical intervention. Causes…

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How to Find Long-Term Relief from Heel Pain (Plantar Fasciitis)

Medical Professionals

The heel is the largest of the 26 bones that make up your foot and ankle. Supporting all these bones are 33 joints and over 100 tendons, meaning there are many spots where something could go wrong from overuse or injury. Plantar fasciitis is among such complications, and it is the most common cause of…

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Why You Should Not Ignore Wrist Pain

Wrist Pain Atlanta GA

Are you experiencing chronic wrist pain? It may be due to a triangular fibrocartilage complex (TFCC) tear, which is expected since the structure is complex. A TFCC is made up of ligaments, tendons and cartilage. It supports the wrist’s carpal bones and stabilizes the radius and ulna (forearm bones) as you grasp objects or rotate…

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A Dislocated Knee Requires Immediate Medical Attention

Knee Pain

A dislocated knee is a rare injury that occurs after a significant trauma like a car accident or from a hard fall or contact sports. The fibula and tibia (lower leg bones) are forced out of alignment from the femur (thighbone) at the knee joint. It is a harrowing medical emergency that leads to severe,…

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Orthobiologics Can Prevent Surgery and Promote Recovery After Surgery


Orthobiologics are often an early treatment option for sports injuries and can complement surgery. Ortho refers to the bones, and biologic refers to natural substances used to aid healing. There are four types of orthobiologics used by the surgeons at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians. A2M (Alpha 2 Macroglobulin) Intra-Articular Treatment A2M Intra-Articular treatment is…

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Myofascial Pain Syndrome Treatment Can Change Everything

Myofascial pain syndrome can be excruciating to live with. This chronic condition causes pain in the muscles and other body areas, known as referred pain. The condition is caused by overuse, injury of the muscle or stress. When a muscle is repeatedly contracted, it can develop a trigger point made of a sensitive group of…

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When Accidents Cause Back Injuries

Injured Back and Neck

Back pain is a common complaint for many people, especially as we get older. It can often be relieved with rest, ice and gentle exercise. However, when you wind up with a back injury due to an accident, you need expert medical help immediately. Back Injuries from Car Accidents Car accidents are traumatic events that…

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Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome with Trigger Point Injections

Doctor and Patient Treatment Plan

If you have muscle pain that does not resolve on its own after a few weeks, it could be myofascial pain syndrome, a chronic pain condition that affects the musculoskeletal system. You may notice sensitive spots on your body, which are known as trigger points, or “knots”. What is a Trigger Point? A trigger point…

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