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Recovering from a Knee Dislocation Atlanta, GA

Recovering from a Knee Dislocation

man with knee pain

One of the most typical knee injuries is a dislocated kneecap. Most cases of this condition result from a fall or an abrupt knee twist. The kneecap, located at the front of the knee, moves back and forth along a groove in the thigh bone as you bend and straighten your leg. When the kneecap…

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Is Your Neck and Back Pain Due to Facet Syndrome?

Spinal Pain Atlanta GA

Most people experience back pain at some moment in their lives. Countless things can cause it. For instance: You twisted your back trying to return an impossible tennis serve. You strained it lifting that big bin the wrong way. You were rear-ended. You are stressed and, therefore, constantly feel stress in your shoulders. The list…

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What Can You Do About Ankle Instability?


Weak ankles can lead to long-term foot and ankle pain, repeated ankle sprains and a twisting of the ankle outward when walking. Symptoms of ankle instability include: The inability to keep your ankles straight when standing or walking (especially when wearing heels) Pain in the feet and ankles A history of ankle injuries However, by…

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Tips for Joint Pain Relief This Winter

Wrist Pain Atlanta GA

Does your joint pain feel worse during the winter months? Extreme temperature changes during the winter can wreak havoc on joints. Even if you have chronic pain, there are a few things you can do to help you feel better. Here are three tips to help you with joint pain relief this winter. Warm Up…

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Strategies to Prevent Spine Conditions at Work

woman with sciatic back pain

Sitting for extended periods, heavy lifting and poor posture can put strain on your back while at work. Over time, spinal conditions can develop and lead to loss of mobility and other serious health conditions. Being proactive can help you keep your spine healthy so you can enjoy an active lifestyle and prevent expensive medical…

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How to Protect Yourself from Back Pain During the Holidays

Man suffering from discogenic pain.

Making your home festive for the holidays can be fun and exciting but carries significant risks for orthopedic injuries. Every year, holiday decorating leads to trips to the emergency room for fractures, back pain and other injuries. Here are three ways you can protect yourself from back pain while preparing for the holidays. Practice Proper…

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Relaxing Too Much is Detrimental to Orthopedic Health

Back Pain Atlanta GA

“Relaxing” is a subjective term that can mean different things to different people. This is mostly due to the fact that relaxation falls into two broad categories. The first describes activities that involve using as little energy as possible, whereas the second may include sports and other physical pursuits. Basically, you can feel relaxed doing…

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Orthopedic Help for Retired Athletes

three physicians

Retired athletes often face challenges when it comes to orthopedic help. While you may no longer compete at the highest level, it is important to maintain physical activity levels in order to stay healthy and active. However, this can also put a lot of pressure on your joints, which may lead to pain and injuries.…

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Your First Gym Experience

A sportswoman with a knee pain.

Can you remember walking into a gym for the first time? You were likely eager to start working out, but weren’t sure what you were supposed to do. With regular gym use, most people begin to feel more comfortable. It is not unusual for gym users to experience pain or suffer injuries. However, your form…

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Why You Should Not Ignore Achilles Tendonitis Symptoms

taped foot

Achilles tendinitis often affects runners who suddenly increase their running intensity or duration. However, it can happen to anyone. The Achilles tendon is your largest tendon, stretching from the heel bone to the calf muscle behind your ankle. It supports ankle and calf movement, enabling you to stand on your tiptoes, point your toes and…

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