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Looking After Bone Health in Georgia Atlanta, GA

Looking After Bone Health in Georgia


Protecting the organs, supporting muscles and forming the main structure of joints are just some of the functions the bones perform. It therefore makes sense to consider bone health an important part of overall well-being. There are several factors that can make the bones brittle or compromised. Understanding what causes wear-and-tear or weakening of the…

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Improved Ergonomics While Working from Home

woman typing on laptop

If you work from home for any period of time, comfort and health will result from good ergonomics. Creating a workspace that is safe and conducive to comfort may prove difficult for some. If there is limited space available, you may find yourself working from the sofa, a bedroom or dining table. Poor ergonomics can…

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Is Wearing Flip Flops All Day Hurting Your Feet?

taped foot

Are you the type of person who likes to wear flip-flops all year round? If so, you may end up developing one or more foot conditions. As a shoe, most flip-flops are not designed for everyday wear. Walking in these open-toe footwear favorites may provide convenience but your feet could suffer. Footwear that is made…

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Get Up and Move!

Back Pain Atlanta GA

Humans are built to be active animals. Our ancestors were always on the move. They hunted, gathered and packed up their things and moved from place to place on a regular basis. In today’s world, physical movement is a choice. Unfortunately, many of us are choosing not to move our bodies any more than necessary.…

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Rolls are for Dinner and Not Your Neck!

woman with neck pain

Warming up before exercise is always a good idea. That is, unless your warmup exercises are putting you at risk of injury. This is the case for individuals who do neck rolls. It is not uncommon for people to perform this exercise when warming up or to relive stress in the neck, shoulders and upper…

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Are You Pounding the Pavement?

healthy running couple

The past year was unbelievably stressful for people all over the world. Individuals who normally work off their stress at the gym had to find new ways to cope as gyms closed because of the pandemic. Many took to walking, jogging or running, which are all good ways of staying active and relieving stress. The…

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‘Tis the Season to Watch Your Back!

Happy holidays !

This Holiday season may be a little different from those in the past, but it is fairly safe to assume that people will continue the tradition of gift giving. Some of those gifts may be large, some may be heavy and some may be large and heavy. Now is the time to take special notice of…

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Arthritis and Cartilage Loss

Arthritis Treatment Atlanta GA

Articular cartilage is found on the ends of your joint bones. This thin layer of specialized connective tissue has unique viscoelastic properties that allow your joints to function smoothly. It also acts as a cushion for the bones. Synovial fluid bathes these joints and helps the cartilage do its job. When the cartilage begins to…

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When Stress is a Pain in the Neck

Stress and Neck Pain Atlanta GA

This December is going to be very different from those of past years. Acknowledging that and making plans to keep things in check will help you have a more enjoyable holiday this year. Realize the Source of Your Discomfort It is entirely possible to suffer from pain and discomfort and have no idea where it…

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Getting Back in the Groove

healthy running couple

This year many people have had to ease up on their usual workout routines. There have been many ups and downs when it comes to working out at the gym and exercising the body as you normally would. Those who have not yet resumed their regular course of exercise may find it more challenging to…

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