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Getting Back in the Groove Atlanta, GA

Getting Back in the Groove

healthy running couple

This year many people have had to ease up on their usual workout routines. There have been many ups and downs when it comes to working out at the gym and exercising the body as you normally would. Those who have not yet resumed their regular course of exercise may find it more challenging to…

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Is Concrete Making It Hard on Your Back?

a man with back pain

The numbers of Americans dealing with back pain on any given day is in the millions. In fact, it is estimated that at least 80% of the population will experience back pain at some point in their lifetime. That is a lot of pain going on. For those who live or work in places with…

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What’s Food Got to Do With It?

Healthy Food Atlanta GA

There is a big correlation between the foods you eat and your body’s health. Most people will think of food and gaining weight and leave it at that. Certainly, eating too much and eating the wrong types of food will pack on the pounds. Many studies have proven those facts. Studies have also shown that…

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Three Common Knee Injuries

man with knee pain

The knees are responsible for bearing all your weight, as well as working as a shock absorber when running or playing sports. There are several common knee conditions that share similar symptoms, which is why it is important to seek medical advice if you suffer a knee injury. Fractures Fractures of the knee are common…

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Hold Off on that Hip Replacement

hip pain

You are not obligated to have a hip replacement under any circumstances. Although replacing a hip joint is the best option for many patients, there are viable alternatives in most cases. Working with an experienced orthopedic specialist will help you decide how to approach achieving pain relief and better mobility. Pain Management Every patient has…

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Are Your Running Shoes Causing Injuries?

ankle injury

If you run for leisure or sport, looking after your feet is essential. The right running shoes will improve form, speed, endurance and help reduce the risk of injury. There are also different types of running shoes that are suited to specific surfaces. Repetitive impact is an unavoidable result of running. The type of surface…

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Intermittent Knee Pain

Woman Grasping Knee in Pain

Losing mobility in your knees and experiencing knee pain can be a serious hinderance to your daily routine. If you have intermittent pain and loss of mobility every now and then, you may be inclined to use over-the-counter pain relievers and wait it out until your knee gets better. Though that may work, even time…

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A Few Interesting Facts about Neck Injuries

woman with neck pain

One of the most common injuries to the neck is whiplash. Less common are cervical injuries which involve the one or more of the seven vertebra protecting the spinal cord in the neck area. Both types of injuries are usually caused by vehicle accidents, sports injuries or falls. Here are a few more interesting facts…

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The Wrist Factor

Wrist Pain Atlanta GA

There is an old saying, “You never miss the water ‘til the well runs dry.” Likewise, you never realize how much you do with both of your hands until one is out of commission. An injury to your wrist can put you on the sidelines of many things, not just your favorite sports. Common Injuries…

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Could It Be a Baker’s Cyst?

Knee Pain Atlanta GA

That lump in the hollow of the back of your knee may be a Baker’s cyst. This type of fluid-filled cyst was first described by William Morrant Baker who was a 19th century surgeon, hence the name Baker’s cyst. It is also known as a popliteal cyst. These cysts can develop when the knee is…

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