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Rehabilitation of the Work-Related Injury Atlanta, GA

Rehabilitation of the Work-Related Injury

Work Related Injury

Work-related injuries are very common. More than 85% of them involve slips, trips and falls, overexertion and bodily reaction and contact with objects and equipment. Some injuries are a result of an unexpected occurrence, such as falling off a ladder or trying to catch a falling object. Others are common to certain types of jobs.…

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Hydrate For Health

Water for Your Health Atlanta GA

Everyone knows that you should drink plenty of water. Water makes up about 60 percent of your body, and it is vital for health and well-being. The benefits of staying hydrated cannot be overstated, especially when soaring temperatures provide more opportunity for your body to become dehydrated. Water definitely quenches thirst and prevents dry mouth,…

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Neck Noise

a man with neck pain

It can be annoying, distracting and worrisome. When you turn your head to look to the right or left, you may hear sounds like someone rolling over a sheet of bubble wrap. The crunching, popping sounds may conjure up pictures of something horrible happening to your neck. Relax, in most instances it is not that…

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Sciatica: Not Just a Pain in the Tush


It can start as a throbbing pain in your lower back. Next one of your buttocks chimes in. If the pain continues to travel along the nerve pathway, the back of your thigh and calf become involved. Some individuals have experienced pain all the way down to their foot. The Sciatic nerve is the longest…

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Keep Your Eye on the Ball and Reduce Soccer Injuries

man with knee pain

Like all contact sports, soccer is known for its injuries. The most common sport injuries associated with soccer are ankle sprains, ACL tears, meniscus tears, hamstring and adductor strains. Soccer players are also susceptible to a variety of other injuries such as concussion, fractures, bruises and cuts, neck sprains, shoulder dislocations and wrist sprains. This list…

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Sports and Your Kids: Four Things Parents Need to Know

happy family

Getting kids away from computer screens and cell phones can be challenging. Keeping them interested in participating in sports not only gives them exercise, it helps with development in other areas as well, such as cognitive development, critical thinking, conflict resolution and leadership development. Having your kids participate in sports has a variety of advantages.…

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Heat and Cold Therapy: Home Remedies

person puting a compress on a painful heel

Whether you are treating a bout of arthritis or calming the discomfort of a sprained ankle, using heat or cold to provide relief can be helpful. Knowing what to use and when is important for the best results. Here are some ideas to help make those painful conditions less discomforting. Heat Treatments When you want…

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Hitting the Funny Bone Isn’t Funny

Person Holding Elbow in Pain

There is nothing hilarious about whacking your funny bone. In fact, the funny bone is not a bone. It is called that because of the funny – as in hard to describe – feeling you get when that part of the elbow is hit. What you are actually hitting is the ulnar nerve that runs…

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Three Things You Need to Know About Hip Impingement

hip pain

That pain in your hip may be signaling a problem with your hip joint that, left unattended, could lead to damage. Hip impingement, also known as Femoroacetabular impingement, is a condition in which the bones of the hip joint do not move smoothly, and the range of motion is impaired. Causes of Hip Impingement Cam…

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Orthobiologics 101


No one wants to experience physical pain, yet for most people, it is invariably a part of life. For some, it is a chronic state of being that affects their quality of life on several levels. Fortunately, there are treatments available to address many conditions with chronic pain, and some of these treatments use orthobiologics.…

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