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Positive Impacts of Weight Loss for Hip Replacement Surgery Atlanta, GA

Positive Impacts of Weight Loss for Hip Replacement Surgery

slim woman measures legs circumference

If you need hip replacement surgery, excess weight can create serious complications for your health. Weight loss can provide numerous benefits to help you achieve optimal results. If you carry excess weight, you could be denied this procedure. Here are three positive impacts weight loss can have on hip replacement surgery. Prevent Surgical Issues During…

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How to Prevent Common Sports Injuries This Summer

cheerful people at the gym high five each other

The beautiful summer weather provides the perfect opportunity to engage in outdoor activities like sports to improve your health. If you have been sedentary during the winter, you could increase your risk of injuries. There are a few things you can do to safely engage in your favorite activities while minimizing your risk of getting…

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Orthopedic Tips to Help Prevent Work-Related Injuries

work related accident

A work-related injury can happen at any time and affect your income or ability to work. Many of these injuries can be prevented to help keep you safe and healthy. Here are three orthopedic tips to help you prevent the most common work-related injuries. Take Frequent Breaks to Prevent Overexertion Repetitive motions and heavy lifting…

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What Can Happen if Scoliosis is Left Untreated?

men with hip pain

Scoliosis occurs when the spine has an abnormal curvature, which can cause many problems if left untreated. Even though mild cases of scoliosis may not need treatment, leaving moderate to severe cases untreated can have serious consequences. Potential Risks of Untreated Scoliosis Spinal Deformity: The most apparent consequence of untreated scoliosis is a spinal deformity. As…

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Signs You May Have Scoliosis

woman with hip pain

Scoliosis is a condition that affects the curvature of the spine. It occurs when the spine curves sideways instead of running straight down the middle of the back. While scoliosis is most commonly diagnosed during adolescence, it can affect people of all ages. What is Scoliosis? In people with scoliosis, the spine curves sideways. The…

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Advantages of Ultrasound Guidance with Injection Therapy

Injections are one of the most common medical procedures for delivering medications or other therapeutic substances into the body. However, traditional blind injections, where the needle is inserted without imaging guidance, can be imprecise and result in missed targets or unintended tissue damage. Ultrasound-guided injections have revolutionized how injections are performed, offering many advantages over…

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What Causes Tennis Elbow (Besides Tennis)?

woman has an elbow pain

You should seek medical care immediately if you feel pain or discomfort in your elbow, forearm or wrist. It may be diagnosed as lateral epicondylitis, commonly called tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is a repetitive motion injury that affects the tendons that attach the forearm muscles to the outside of the elbow. It is often mistaken…

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How to Manage Winter Joint Pain

woman with pain in shoulder

Winter joint pain affects many adults, whether caused by age, chronic illness, previous injury or another underlying condition. If you feel more joint pain than usual when the weather turns cold, there are some things you can do to help manage it. Stay Active Cold weather is known to cause stiff joints, and stiffness often…

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Soft Tissue Injuries After a Motor Vehicle Accident

close up of a sore elbow of a woman

Soft tissue injuries aren’t always the most visible and require an experienced orthopedic physician to diagnose and treat them effectively. You should see a provider as soon as possible after a motor vehicle accident to ensure you haven’t sustained any injuries, even if you haven’t felt symptoms. Your provider may refer you to an experienced…

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FBS Syndrome After Back Surgery

Human spine with inflammation point.

FBSS, or Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, is often misunderstood, and the name itself is misleading. It’s also called Post Laminectomy Syndrome. What exactly is it, and is it the cause of your new or recurring pain following back surgery? What is FBSS? It’s easiest to quote the International Association for the Study of Pain, which…

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