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Back and Neck Injuries

If you are suffering from chronic or acute neck or back pain that is related to a recent accident, injury or painful condition, the neck and back pain treatment specialists at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians can help you find relief! Living with chronic or acute back pain can cause you to miss out on the activities you enjoy, decrease your productivity and ability to work and greatly reduce your overall quality of life.

With convenient locations throughout the Southeast, we likely have an office near you. Our caring and talented physicians will provide an accurate diagnosis and then implement an effective treatment plan so you can get back in the game! We are committed to using the most advanced and minimally invasive treatments to help patients achieve long-term pain relief caused by injuries or conditions so you can return to an active lifestyle.

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Joint Replacement

Whether due to sports, aging, arthritis or injury, the body’s joints can suffer significant strain over the course of a lifetime. Joint pain and stiffness can wreak havoc on your quality of life, especially if your symptoms stop responding to injections, physical therapy, medication and other non-surgical treatments. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, our priority is to help patients reduce joint pain and restore function and mobility so that they can live a better and more
active quality of life. In some cases, this involves a total joint replacement.

Our elite team of double-board certified physicians and orthopedic specialists are known for excellence when it comes to joint replacement for the hip, knee and shoulder. You can trust our physicians to use the latest surgical techniques, cutting-edge technology and most proven
prosthetic materials when replacing your hip, knee or shoulder joint. Most importantly, we will work closely with you to ensure you reach full recovery and optimal rehabilitation with your new, pain-free joint.

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Spine Conditions

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is proud to be one of the Southeast’s leading providers of minimally invasive spine surgery. Our practice features a team of double board certified Interventional Spine physicians who are highly qualified to diagnose and treat a full range of complex spine conditions.

Whether it is a herniated disc, spinal stenosis, sciatica or a previously failed back surgery, you can trust that we carry the expertise it takes to help you find lasting relief from your spine condition. We know that spinal conditions can not only be painful, but they can drastically limit overall mobility and compromise your quality of life. While our clinics offer a full range of non- surgical treatments for spine conditions, we are also known for our success in minimally-invasive endoscopic spine surgery, also known as “band-aid back surgery.” Our state-of-the-art solutions can ensure you regain an active, pain-free lifestyle in as little time as possible.

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Sport Conditions

Are you sidelined from your sport due to an injury or chronic pain? Turn to the experts of Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians. Our elite team of orthopedic specialists are trusted by athletes across the Southeast. Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, we understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to participate in your chosen sport. Our physicians have extensive experience in treating a full range of sport conditions, ranging from ankle strains and plantar fasciitis to golf/tennis elbow, knee pain and much more.

You will appreciate our low patient-to-physician ratio, cutting-edge treatment options and passionate pursuit to help each athlete not only return to their sport, but excel in their level of performance. With several locations across the Southeast, we proudly offer convenient access to some of the most advanced surgical and non-surgical therapies for sports injuries and conditions.

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Treatment Modalities

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians consists of some of the most highly respected doctors and surgeons in the Southeast. Whether it is getting you back to work or helping you return to your sport, we can offer an effective strategy to get you out of pain and improve your function and mobility. In fact, we are set apart by our vast range of modern treatment modalities, which includes both non-surgical and surgical techniques for lasting relief.

Our interventional spine and sport physicians are highly qualified to offer treatments for all types of sports injuries, as well as conditions of the spine and joints. Each treatment modality is carefully tailored to each patient and utilizes the elite knowledge and skill of our physicians along with our cutting-edge technology and equipment. Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians proudly offers treatments ranging from knee injections and hip arthroscopy to endoscopic spine surgery, minimally-invasive surgery for sport injuries and more. We even offer biologics, which relies on the evolving technology of growth factors, cell therapy and other naturally harvested products to repair and restore the body’s joints.

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Our Client Reviews

4.8 / 5.0

Based on 269 reviews

Jules F.

Surgery was a success my left knee is fully functional again. Langer and his staff was very helpful through this entire process they assigned me a top physical therapist Cara which was great at helping me to improve now just up to me to continue to condition myself back to the way I was physically before the injury and hopefully I never have to endure any future injuries that lead to surgery. Overall a great help and experience after surgery was completed. Thank You to Langer and his staff.

Dea'Mario F.

The Morrow location was a great experience for me. The staff was nothing less than perfect to me. I'm glad I chose this location.

Ricky J.

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians are excellent in the work they do. They take their time with each patient and make sure you walk away with an understanding of exactly what you're going through. I have been a patient here twice and I could 100% assure you that you will have a great experience. Further the physicians are very knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. Moreover, the entire staff are welcoming and accommodating to your needs. I work in Entertainment, and have appeared several times on television (Google "David Wells and Ricky Johnson). I recommend and trust Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians.

Priscilla F.

The staff was great! They were patient, kind and courteous. The doctors were excellent! The doctors took the time to explain and patiently answer any questions I had.

Board Certified Orthopedic Sports Medicine and Spine Surgeons

Spine doctorOrtho Sport & Spine Physicians serves patients nationwide and consists of many double board-certified, fellowship-trained doctors and surgeons who specialize in cutting-edge minimally invasive techniques designed to get you back to work and your desired sport.

Our lower patient-to-provider ratio, experienced physicians, and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment set us apart from other spine, sports medicine and orthopedic practices. We provide for a superior level of care and an improved patient experience. We treat athletes of all ages and skill levels, industrial workers and motor vehicle injuries. We invite you to visit one of our locations and meet our caring physicians and staff so you can experience the Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians difference!

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (Endoscopic Surgery)

Ortho Sport & Physicians is proud to be a leader in minimally invasive spine surgery (endoscopic surgery). Our interventional spine and interventional sports physicians are highly trained and experienced in performing endoscopic surgery to treat a wide variety of injures and conditions. By combining our expertise with the most advanced equipment and technology and the most minimally invasive techniques, we are able to achieve amazing results for our patients. If you are looking for a long-term solution to your pain that offers fewer complications and a shorter recovery time, call us today to find out if endoscopic surgery is right for you.

Total Joint Replacement Specialists

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians offers patients excellence in total joint replacement. Our orthopedic surgeons do everything possible to preserve the joints that you were born with but in some cases, joint replacement surgery is the only viable option to restore a patient to health. When total joint replacement is needed, patients can rest easy knowing that we have physicians on staff who are total joint replacement experts. Whether you need hip replacement, knee replacement or shoulder replacement surgery, we have you covered.

Hip Arthroscopy & Joint Preservation

healthy running coupleOrtho Sport & Spine Physicians is a center of excellence in hip arthroscopy and hip health as well as joint preservation. We have physicians on staff that have been recognized as experts in hip arthroscopy and joint preservation. Hip Arthroscopy is a rapidly evolving field in sports medicine providing reproducible pain relief and functional return to sport/activity with the long-term goal of hip health preservation and restoration of normal anatomy. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we are not only at the forefront of the latest surgical techniques but also utilize biologics to address FAI, labral tears, as well as concomitant weight-bearing cartilage pathology.

Sports Injuries – Shoulder, Elbow, Hip, Knee, Ankle

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is proud to be a leader in sports medicine and sports-related injuries of athletes of all ages and skill levels. Our double board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeons have worked as team physicians for the NBA, NFL and NHL teams. Utilizing the same techniques employed to treat these athletes, Ortho Sport & Physicians continues to take care of professional, collegiate, and high school athletes as well as industrial workers with shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and/or ankle injuries. In addition, we are at the cutting edge of non-surgical measures such as biologics to get you back to your pre-injury level of function as quickly as possible.

Effective Treatment For Herniated Discs, Pinched Nerves, Sciatica, Spinal Stenosis

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians offers minimally invasive and effective treatment for herniated discs, pinched nerves, sciatica, spinal stenosis, and many other types of back, neck, and sports-related injuries and conditions. If you are looking for a practice that offers expert treatment delivered by a dedicated team of physicians and a better overall patient experience, please contact our Double Board-Certified Back and Neck Doctors today and schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you stay active and live your best life!

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