Coolief Radiofrequency Treatment

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is excited to offer our patients a non-surgical and minimally invasive pain relief treatment called Coolief Radiofrequency. Coolief Radiofrequency treatment can significantly reduce pain in areas such as the back, knee, cervical, thoracic spine and hip joint. It can also be beneficial for discogenic and sacroiliac pain.

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians offers the most advanced, effective and proven interventional sports treatments available including Coolief Radiofrequency treatment right here in Atlanta and in six other locations throughout the state of Georgia. Coolief Radiofrequency avoids invasive surgery while still being clinically-proven to give relief to those suffering from chronic pain. If you are seeking relief from chronic spinal pain and want to return to your normally healthy lifestyle, you may be a candidate for Coolief.

How Does Coolief Work?

Coolief is also called cooled radiofrequency. This means the non-surgical procedure uses cooled radiofrequency energy on the nerves in your body that are in pain. Specifically, it will heat the spinal tissue by circulating water throughout the special device. By heating the tissue, it creates a large treatment area without overheating the tissue in order to maximize pain relief. Unlike most cooled radiofrequency treatments, Coolief technology treats a larger area and shows better results. Studies show that Coolief helps improve recovery time, mobility and is an effective outpatient procedure for pain relief.

Our team of board certified orthopedic sports medicine and spine surgeons specialize in treatments like Coolief Radiofrequency. If you are experiencing chronic pain and are interested in being pain-free, contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today! We will do an evaluation to see if you are a candidate and get you back to living your active, healthy and pain-free life in no time.

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