Elbow Fractures and Dislocations

The elbow is a joint made up of three bones, and it is surrounded by muscles, tendons and ligaments. Your elbow allows you to perform a wide variety of arm, wrist and shoulder movements. However, it is also susceptible to injury. Elbow fractures and dislocations are commonly caused by a trauma involving a fall on an outstretched arm, a direct blow to the elbow or abnormal twisting of the joint.

With our team of double board certified Sports Medicine physicians and Orthopedic surgeons, you can trust us for comprehensive treatment of all types of elbow injuries, including elbow dislocations and the following types of elbow fractures:

Treatment For A Dislocated Elbow

Since the elbow is a stabilizing joint for bone surfaces, ligaments and muscles, a sudden dislocation can result in injury to any or all of these structures. Our physicians will perform a thorough examination to determine the degree of your elbow dislocation, which can be a simple dislocation without any major bone injury or a more complex dislocation involving bone, ligament or nerve damage.

Non-surgical treatment can be used for simple elbow dislocations, which may include slowly returning the bones to natural alignment under mild sedatives and following a physical therapy regime after your elbow is kept immobile for a period of time.

If you have suffered a complex dislocation, surgery can restore your elbow joint effectively and repair any ligaments, blood vessels or nerves that were damaged. This can require sophisticated surgical techniques that our orthopedic surgeons have successfully carried out. The goal of all treatment options is to restore full strength and mobility to the elbow joint.

Regardless of the type of your treatment your elbow dislocation or fracture requires, you can depend on our staff at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians to fully explain your condition and procedure options upfront. Whether you are an active senior adult or a young professional athlete, we will make every effort to ensure you achieve the most positive outcome possible after an elbow injury. Our practice utilizes cutting-edge treatment techniques and we are known for staying at the forefront of sports medicine.

Contact our practice today to schedule your consultation with Atlanta’s leading elbow repair surgeon.

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