Microfracture Knee Surgery

Are you experiencing pain, swelling or restricted activity because of cartilage damage in your knee? You may be a candidate for a minimally invasive cartilage repair surgery called microfracture. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we adopt the latest methods and most innovative treatment options available for knee injuries to ensure our patients return to the high-functioning lifestyle they deserve. Our staff includes physicians who are double board certified in Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery with a specialized interest in arthroscopic techniques to restore joint damage. We offer a wide range of knee injury treatments, including procedures to restore lost or damaged cartilage.

Microfracture is an excellent surgical option that can stimulate new cartilage growth for active patients who have a small area of damaged cartilage. Microfracture and other cartilage restoration procedures can bridge the gap between symptom relief and joint replacement surgery.

How Does Microfracture Work?

A microfracture is performed as part of an arthroscopic knee surgery, which uses only small incisions. After loose or damaged cartilage is removed, small microfracture holes are created in the bone. The surface layer of bone is hard and lacks good blood flow. By penetrating this hard layer, a microfracture allows the deeper, more vascular bone to access the surface layer. This deeper bone has more blood supply, and the cells can then get to the surface layer and stimulate cartilage growth. As with many knee procedures, the key to a successful outcome is the patient’s adherence to appropriate rehabilitation program.

If your knee cartilage damage is preventing you from participating in sports or other activities, please contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians in Atlanta. We will conduct a thorough evaluation before recommending the most appropriate treatment solution. We have a full menu of treatments that can restore or repair your knee cartilage. Let us help you return to the activities you enjoy without pain.

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