Patella +/- Quad Tendon Repair

Patella +/- Quad Tendon Repair

The residents of Atlanta can trust Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians for advanced treatment in Patella/Quad Tendon Repair. Our orthopedic surgeons display specialized experience in sports medicine and understand the complex injuries of the knee. At our practice, we realize the urgency in bringing you out of pain after a knee injury and restoring your joint to full function as soon as possible.

The quadriceps tendon and patella tendon are the large tendons that connect or anchor the quadriceps (thigh muscle) to the patella (kneecap) and the leg. They hold a critical responsibility of enabling the knee to fully extend, such as during walking, running or kicking. When these tendons rupture, the knee cannot straighten and surgical repair is required. Patella and quad tendon tears typically occur during an explosive jump or traumatic fall with forced knee flexion. Repetitive microtrauma, chronic tendon tendonitis and degenerative changes can all put a patient at higher risk for a patella/quad tendon rupture.

Symptoms of Quad and Patella Tendon Rupture

We will carefully examine your knee injury and evaluate your specific symptoms before discussing your treatment options. Most patients with a quad and patella tendon rupture will experience a popping sensation followed by pain and swelling. Other symptoms may include:

Since surgical intervention is the treatment of choice for this type of knee injury, you can rest assured that our orthopedic team is fully equipped to help you achieve a successful outcome. Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians proudly adopts the latest technology and technique that sports medicine has to offer. To learn more about our Patella/Quad Tendon Repair method as well as what to expect during recovery, please contact our office today to schedule a consultation with us.

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