Rotator Cuff Repair

Rotator Cuff Repair

The Rotator Cuff is the combination of four tendons covering the top, front and back of the humeral head. The humeral head is the bone creating the ball in the “ball & socket” of the shoulder. These four tendons fuse to create the Rotator Cuff and are responsible for the motion of the arm and shoulder.

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is staffed with experienced, double board certified surgeons who are highly regarded in the field of orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. If you have suffered damage to your rotator cuff, we will carefully explain your treatment options based on your specific situation. Treatment for a rotator cuff tear ranges from anti-inflammatory medication and physical therapy to arthroscopic surgery. Our surgical approach to rotator cuff repair is a minimally invasive surgery that carefully restores the tendon attachment to the bone with proper tension. As with all of our joint surgeries, we will make sure you understand the risks involved and what it takes to successfully recover from your shoulder injury.

Causes and Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tear

A rotator cuff tear, either partial or full-thickness, can be caused by an acute tear or degenerative tear. Acute tears involve a sudden injury such as when you fall on an outstretched arm. However, most rotator cuff tears are degenerative or the result of the gradual wear of your tendons over time. Repetitive stress, lack of blood supply and bone spurs are all age-related factors that can contribute to a rotator cuff tear. Shoulder impingement is one of the most common causes for rotator cuff damage.

Symptoms of rotator cuff damage may come on suddenly or gradually depending on the cause. They often include pain at rest, pain and weakness when lifting or rotating your arm and a crackling sensation when moving your shoulder in certain positions. Regardless of the cause of your rotator cuff tear or the severity of your symptoms, you can trust our sports medicine specialists to accurately diagnose your injury and recommend the most effective treatment option for restored shoulder function and long-term health.

Contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today to schedule a consultation with an experienced shoulder surgeon who can help you return to your daily activities or chosen sport without pain and discomfort.

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