Cartilage Repair

Shoulder Cartilage Repair

Just as with other areas of cartilage in your body, the cartilage in your shoulder joint can become damaged and need repair. Wear and tear of shoulder cartilage is commonly found in shoulder arthritis. This arthritic development can occur from genetic osteoarthritis or shoulder injuries such as dislocations or overuse. In such cases, patients can trust our highly trained sports surgeons of Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians for successful cartilage repair. We use modern techniques to relieve shoulder stiffness and pain caused by damaged cartilage. When initial treatments have failed, such as physical therapy or injections, we can recommend a conservative surgical option that will provide long-lasting recovery and help you regain an active lifestyle.

Cartilage Restoration Procedure

Many procedures for cartilage repair can be done arthroscopically, requiring small incisions and providing faster recovery time. Depending on the degree and specifics of your cartilage damage, our physicians can recommend the most effective surgical technique. For most patients, the goal is to remove damaged cartilage and stimulate new cartilage growth. The cartilage repair process is stimulated by perforating the exposed bone and releasing stem cells to the surface of the damaged joint. In situations where cartilage damage is too extensive, a grafting procedure or shoulder replacement may be necessary.

If you suffer from recurrent pain and limited range of motion in your shoulder, turn to Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians. We provide a full menu of state-of-the-art treatments in sports medicine, including conservative non-surgical and surgical solutions for your shoulder problems. You can trust we have physicians who are highly regarded in their field and who are double board certified in both Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Whether you are professional athlete who was involved in a traumatic injury or you are a weekend warrior battling arthritis, you can trust us to deliver exceptional, personalized care when it comes to your shoulder cartilage restoration.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians regarding your cartilage repair. We stay at the forefront of sports medicine so that our patients can have a positive and rewarding recovery after a shoulder injury.

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