Instability Repair

Shoulder Instability Repair

Patients who experience repeated shoulder dislocations, either partial or complete, may suffer from chronic shoulder instability. In this condition, the shoulder joint is weakened and easily slips out of place. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we are qualified to restore stability to your shoulder and help you prevent further dislocations. If you suffer from pain or popping when performing certain shoulder movements or if you experience repeated instances where your shoulder dislocates or gives out, give us a call to explore your options for shoulder instability repair. Athletes who participate in repeated overhead sports such as baseball, swimming, volleyball or weightlifting are at a higher risk for shoulder instability and other shoulder injuries.

Treatment for Shoulder Instability and Weakness

Whether you have instability from a fall or from a sports-related strain, we can provide an effective and customized treatment plan to reverse your condition. Shoulder instability repair may include conservative treatment measures such as closed reduction, medications, steroid injections and rest. However, if your shoulder instability does not respond to these treatment methods, surgical intervention may be necessary to restore full range of motion and strength to your joint. In many cases, arthroscopic surgery can successfully repair torn or stretched ligaments so that are able to properly hold the shoulder joint in place. This type of stabilization surgery allows smaller incisions, less scarring and faster recovery time.

As with any of our shoulder injury treatments, our sports medicine specialists believe in educating patients about the treatment options presented to them and helping them informed decisions regarding their shoulder care. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we want you to enjoy an active lifestyle for as long as you want – even after a shoulder injury. Contact us today to learn if shoulder instability treatment is right for you.

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