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Overdue in thanking you for your help last month. I came to you for some last minute advice on how to handle a training injury to my knee only a week out from my first IronMan race. Both your treatment and advice were spot on. I appreciated you candor and the help you gave me enabled me to complete my race and enjoy the experience. Off to start Boston Marathon training. Hope to see you around,but just not as a patient.


My experience yesterday was much better than my first visit at the facility. I still prefer the Decatur location because the staff is consistently professional and kind. The staff at this location was great yesterday however. Dr. Rosen is a wonderful doctor, and his bed side manner is obviously just an extension of who he is, not something he picked up in med school.

Ré C.

Best place ever even though I was in a lot of pain they were so kind and made feel at home they were gentle and understanding. Would love to work for them in the future.

Aniuska J.

I was so nervous my first appointment was in a lot of pain from my accident. They were very nice and assured me I was in good hands. The actual procedure day was over so quick and painless. I definitely will recommend them to others. Very friendly staff too.

Vera N. W.

Very knowledgable doctors and caring staff! I injured my back last year and was very lucky to be in such good hands. Their offices are usually packed but they really care about the patients and go above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable.

Jessica R.

Dr. Oskouei has taken great care of me after my car accident. He and his staff are very friendly and you never have a long wait to get in the back. I would highly recommend Dr. Oskouei for neck or back pain.

Allie S.

Dr. Oskouei and staff are wonderful! They are always so kind, actually listen to you, and stay on time. I appreciate their services!

Janet P. W.

I've been there once so far and they are great.The people up front to register new patients and do check in are really welcoming.The whole staff are listening and friendly.

Matt C.

Excellent service provided each time I came in..always left with a smile

Delaney E.

I don't take a very good impression on my first date, but the day of yesterday was my second time to get my first injection had many nerves but I tried the best!!! So far I've only had a bit of discomfort but best of all is that my pain has decreased by 90 % in 24 hours only

Vania S.

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