Four Causes of Ankle Pain

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If you are staying on your toes as you navigate the complexities of life, you may want to thank your ankles. This underrated part of your body allows you to get around easily. There are 26 bones, 33 joints and 100 muscles in your foot and ankle together. By itself, the ankle has three main bones, two joints and lots of muscles to give it strength. And when any of those bones, joints or muscles are injured, you feel the pain. Read on for four of the principal causes of ankle pain.

The Sprained Ankle

One of the most common ankle injuries is the sprain. Your ankle contains ligaments, which are elastic bands of connective tissue. The ligaments have two functions: they hold the ankle bones in place, and they allow the foot and ankle to move.

When a ligament is stretched past its normal range of elasticity, the ankle sprained. It is one of the most frequent sports injuries, but anyone can get a sprained ankle.

Ankle Fractures

One of the side effects from a major ankle sprain is the possibility of an avulsion fracture of the distal fibula. This type of fracture is less serious than a talar dome fracture, which can occur during a high energy event. These types of fractures can occur when a person is involved in a car accident or takes a high velocity fall. It is a fracture within the ankle joint itself.

A Potts Fracture involves both the tibia and fibula at the same time. Regardless of the type, if you suspect you have a fractured ankle, you need to have it examined and accurately diagnosed and treated.

Ankle Arthritis

Anyone who suffers from arthritis knows how painful it can be. Ankle osteoarthritis is no exception. The degenerative disease can cause pain and dysfunction in the ankle. The degenerative process may be slowed with proper treatment.

Achilles Tendonitis

The tendon that attaches the calf muscle to the heel bone is called the Achilles tendon. Overuse of the muscle and tendon can cause inflammation. Repetitive actions such as jumping or jogging can result in ankle pain. Micro tears in the tendon can occur as well. The term Achilles tendinopathy covers both micro tears and inflammation, but many doctors still use the term tendonitis to refer to either problem.

When you have ankle pain, it is important to find out the cause and seek treatment. Failure to address the problem can lead to ankle instability and chronic ankle problems.

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