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A Dislocated Knee Requires Immediate Medical Attention Atlanta, GA
Knee Pain

A dislocated knee is a rare injury that occurs after a significant trauma like a car accident or from a hard fall or contact sports. The fibula and tibia (lower leg bones) are forced out of alignment from the femur (thighbone) at the knee joint.

It is a harrowing medical emergency that leads to severe, long-term consequences if not appropriately treated by a healthcare professional. For example, you could end up needing to amputate the leg if you do not seek immediate medical attention.

Signs Of a Dislocated Knee

A knee dislocation is not something you can ignore or attempt to fix yourself at home. It can include other related conditions such as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome and thigh, lower leg and knee fractures.

The following symptoms are signs you have a dislocated knee (and, perhaps, additional problems) and must have your leg attended to immediately:

  • A “pop” sound when the injury occurred
  • Immense pain that worsens over time
  • Tenderness, redness, swelling and bruising
  • Visible deformity (crookedness) of the knee
  • Instability in the joint
  • An inability to straighten, bend or bear weight on the knee
  • A lack of pulse or numbness in the foot

The team of specialists at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians is highly experienced in knee injuries and can restore any damaged structures in your joint and relieve your pain. In addition, our proven knee dislocation treatment options deliver the most successful outcome following your injury.

Why You Cannot Delay Treatment

A dislocated knee is a serious matter that can only occur if the joint’s stabilizing ligaments tear. In addition, the dislocation may have damaged the tendons, muscles, bones, arteries and nerves surrounding your knee, placing the integrity of your entire leg at risk.

Delaying treatment or inappropriately treating the injury yourself could result in the loss of the leg due to compromised blood flow and nerve sensations. Damaged blood vessels restrict blood flow to the lower extremities. Without a blood supply, the tissues begin to die.

Let Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians Repair and Reconstruct Your Knee

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians treats partial and complex knee dislocations. Our experienced surgeons will reconstruct the knee, repairing all its damaged parts so you can regain total knee and leg function. Our goal is to have you return to comfortable mobility after a dislocation. Let us help you through this challenging injury. Please reach out to us as soon as possible.

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Jules F.

Surgery was a success my left knee is fully functional again. Langer and his staff was very helpful through this entire process they assigned me a top physical therapist Cara which was great at helping me to improve now just up to me to continue to condition myself back to the way I was physically before the injury and hopefully I never have to endure any future injuries that lead to surgery. Overall a great help and experience after surgery was completed. Thank You to Langer and his staff.

Dea'Mario F.

The Morrow location was a great experience for me. The staff was nothing less than perfect to me. I'm glad I chose this location.

Ricky J.

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians are excellent in the work they do. They take their time with each patient and make sure you walk away with an understanding of exactly what you're going through. I have been a patient here twice and I could 100% assure you that you will have a great experience. Further the physicians are very knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. Moreover, the entire staff are welcoming and accommodating to your needs. I work in Entertainment, and have appeared several times on television (Google "David Wells and Ricky Johnson). I recommend and trust Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians.

Priscilla F.

The staff was great! They were patient, kind and courteous. The doctors were excellent! The doctors took the time to explain and patiently answer any questions I had.