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Can an ACL Tear Be Repaired? Atlanta, GA
A sportswoman with a knee pain.

An ACL tear is often referred to as blowing out your knee. The description feels apt. When the ACL is torn, a patient often feels horrific pain and loses knee function. Surgery is a common treatment, but alternative methods can also be effective for some tears.

What is the ACL?

The ACL is the anterior cruciate ligament in the center of the knee. Four major ligaments in the knee connect the shin bone to the thigh and cause the knee to function. The ACL is the ligament that prevents forward movement of the shin and limits the rotational movement of the knee.

About 200,000 people undergo ACL Rehabilitation, either with surgery or without, each year. Knowing you aren’t alone in your pain doesn’t help much, but the good news is, rehab has advanced and changed with time and experience.

How Does the ACL Get Injured?

ACL tears are often caused by sports, from professionals to weekend warriors. A sudden change in direction, slowing down while running, direct trauma to the side of the knee or improper landing from jumping are all common reasons for this ligament tear.

The patient may hear a popping sound when the injury happens, and the knee may buckle. If this is followed by pain or instability in the knee, it’s time to check with a doctor familiar with ACL rehabilitation.

What Treatments Are Used to Repair an ACL Injury?

ACL Rehabilitation performed by a qualified orthopedic surgeon uses a tissue graft to repair the damaged ligament. While the ACL is a ligament, the knee also has tendons that hold the muscle to the bone. One of these tendons, the patellar tendon, is often used for this grafting.

While this procedure is common, you will always receive the best results when you depend on an experienced and qualified expert. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, you will be treated by ACL specialists who can provide excellent care for your knee. If you are suffering from knee pain and dysfunction, contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today for a consultation with a qualified orthopedic surgeon who is a pioneer in the field of sports medicine.

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