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How Rotator Cuff Injuries Can Take a Toll Atlanta, GA
Shoulder Pain

Dealing with a torn rotator cuff can be excruciating, as well as severely limiting the movement of your arm and shoulder. Whether your rotator cuff injury is acute or chronic, it’s critical to see an appropriate physician sooner rather than later to get the best possible outcome.

What Is the Rotator Cuff?

Your rotator cuff consists of the four muscles and tendons that hold your arm bone in place at the shoulder socket. These tendons and muscles allow you to lift your arm and move it in a rotating manner. The rotator cuff can be injured by tearing, swelling from inflammation of the tendons, known as tendonitis or bursitis, when the small sac of fluid protecting the rotator cuff is irritated through repetitive motion or infection. Both tendonitis and bursitis can typically be treated with rest, OTC pain meds and icing.

What Causes the Rotator Cuff to Tear?

There are two kinds of tears in the rotator cuff. First is a partial tear, which happens when one of the four muscles of the rotator cuff becomes frayed or damaged. The other type is a complete tear when the tendon tears all the way through or releases from the bone.

 Frequently, the rotator cuff will develop a partial tear through repetitive movement over time. Certain jobs like carpentry work or painting are often culprits. Sports like baseball, softball and swimming can also lead to tears in the rotator cuff. However, the cuff can also tear suddenly from lifting something heavy or from a fall on your arm.

Will a Damaged Rotator Cuff Always Cause Pain?

Sometimes, particularly with a partial tear, you won’t feel pain even though there is damage to the rotator cuff. However, if you notice pain when you lie on your arm or lift it in certain ways, hear popping or clicking when you move your arm, have weakness or an inability to lift like normal or have trouble raising your arm, you may have a rotator cuff problem. See your doctor right away. Waiting causes more damage and can lead to bigger problems.

Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians recommends having your shoulder and rotator cuff examined sooner rather than later. The earlier the repair can be addressed, the better outcome you can receive. Call Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today to make an appointment for your consultation.

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