Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

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Atlanta Spine SurgeonBack and neck pain are often the most difficult types of pain to live with. Because the spinal cord affects movement for every part of the body, there is no avoiding pain when the back and neck are involved. Spine surgery was typically done as "open surgery," meaning that a long incision was made into the back to expose the anatomy of the back. Thanks to advances in medical technology, more back and neck conditions are now able to be treated using a minimally invasive surgical technique. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we are proud to be one of the Southeast's leading providers of minimally invasive spine surgery in order to achieve amazing results for our valued patients.

The team at Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians features double board certified Interventional Spine Specialists who are highly trained and qualified to perform minimally invasive surgical techniques, including endoscopic spine surgery, also known as "band-aid back surgery." Minimally invasive spine surgery is used to help patients with acute or chronic back and neck pain. Minimally invasive techniques are now being used for a wider range of spine procedures. Doctors use specialized instruments to access the spine through smaller incisions. In traditional back surgery, a doctor may make an incision that is over six inches in length and will move the muscles of the back to access the spine. This retraction of muscle can damage the soft tissue that surrounds the spine, causing further pain during and after recovery.

Minimally invasive spine surgery was developed to treat back and neck problems with less injury to the muscles and other structures of the spine. At Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians, we use state of the art technology and equipment along with the most advanced surgical techniques to help patients find relief from chronic and/or acute back and neck pain. If you are suffering, contact Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians today and schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons. Our goal is to help you live your best life without constant pain.

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