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When the Pain of Reaching Up Gets You Down Atlanta, GA

Unless you have had the experience, you have no idea how incapacitating shoulder pain can be. Reaching up can become an impossible feat when shoulder pain is severe. Even mild pain can impact how you perform daily activities. The act of brushing your hair can suddenly become challenging in the presence of shoulder pain.

Causes of Shoulder Pain

There are many structures in the shoulder joint. This joint provides more range of motion than any other joint and is also more vulnerable to injury. Tendons, ligaments and supportive tissues work together to allow the joint to move in a variety of directions. When one or more of these structures is injured, the result can be severe pain.

Many muscles support the shoulder joint. These include the pectoral, triceps, biceps, deltoid and those in the rotator cuff. Poor posture can cause the pectoral muscles to tighten when the body is held in a forward slumped position for extended lengths of time. This position also causes shoulder muscles at the back to overstretch. Rotator cuff muscles and the muscles attached to the scapula begin to weaken. This can lead to pinching of the rotator cuff tendons and the biceps. This describes one of the most common causes of shoulder pain.

Rotator Cuff Issues

Contact sports often produce injuries in the rotator cuff. Four small muscles and tendons attached to the shoulder blade make up the rotator cuff. Tears in this area can come from a blow, fall or other type of accident. They can also occur as a result of repetitive motion over time or overuse.

When the rotator cuff is injured, the shoulder becomes weak. Raising your arm over your head can cause immediate and serious pain. It may be difficult to perform daily activities including personal grooming, getting dressed and more.

When you experience pain or weakness in your shoulder, seek medical help. Early intervention can prevent further injury and more pain. Contact Ortho Sport & Spine. Our physical therapists work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that will help you feel better fast.

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Jules F.

Surgery was a success my left knee is fully functional again. Langer and his staff was very helpful through this entire process they assigned me a top physical therapist Cara which was great at helping me to improve now just up to me to continue to condition myself back to the way I was physically before the injury and hopefully I never have to endure any future injuries that lead to surgery. Overall a great help and experience after surgery was completed. Thank You to Langer and his staff.

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The Morrow location was a great experience for me. The staff was nothing less than perfect to me. I'm glad I chose this location.

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Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians are excellent in the work they do. They take their time with each patient and make sure you walk away with an understanding of exactly what you're going through. I have been a patient here twice and I could 100% assure you that you will have a great experience. Further the physicians are very knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. Moreover, the entire staff are welcoming and accommodating to your needs. I work in Entertainment, and have appeared several times on television (Google "David Wells and Ricky Johnson). I recommend and trust Ortho Sport & Spine Physicians.

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The staff was great! They were patient, kind and courteous. The doctors were excellent! The doctors took the time to explain and patiently answer any questions I had.